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Hello old life [or the new life as we know it]. Throughout the past 2+ years it's been a wild ride. As we seem to have all come up for a bit of air, our team has had the chance to breathe. Pre pandemic our business was strictly wholesale. Distributing consciously sourced meat & seafood to restaurants and retailers across BC. As we quickly pivoted we had no choice but to grow at an expontential rate. Since we've had a bit of space to plan for our future we've collectively agreed we want to get back to the basics and transition our 'everyday groceries' into 'not your everyday'. So what does that mean? Here you will now find an incredible selection of our own in-house brands that are handcrafted in small batches using only the best ingredients. You will also find categories filled with limited but what we think are the best products out there. Products that are hard to find, inspire, and make you feel something - whether it's just cozy comfort or superfood energy. On the go, exploring, or at the dining table there's something for every moment.

HOW TO SHOP: Stock up and fill your fridge, freezer, and pantry with items and meals that inspire your everyday. Life is too short for boring food so when you need a boost in the week - that's where we come in.

PRODUCE? No longer here. Get out and support your local farmers markets. Buy local, buy in season. Our farmers need your support. Our earth NEEDS more farm - table purchasing habits.

WHERE ELSE TO FIND US: Popping up in grocers across British Columbia are Legends Haul branded freezers packed with Essentials by Legends AND Friends of Legends. We have received an overwhelming amount of excitement from retailers who are now carrying Essentials by Legends. Look for your favourite products expanding into every aisle. Can't find your fave chimichurri? Be sure to let your neighbourhood grocer know.

ACECARD FOOD SUPPLY: Behind the scenes we have a rockstar team who has continued to grow our wholesale business. Not only do we distribute consciously sourced meat & seafood but a huge line up of the best, coolest local products. This includes 33 Acres Waters, Nightingale Pizzas, Chambar Heat & Eat Meals, Caplansky's Mustards, Hobbs Pickles, and many more. We are actively growing our distribution line up of products and have a focus on small - medium producers who are wanting to bring their brands to market.