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Miss Chen - Kaya Coconut Jam

$9.49 CAD

Kaya (pandan-flavored coconut jam) is very popular in Southeast Asia, especially Singapore and Malaysia. Miss Chen Kaya is made from a time-honoured nonya recipe with fresh pandan leaves, coconut milk, and eggs. Kaya is named for its luscious, creamy texture. This beloved pandan-flavored coconut jam means 'rich' in Malay and is traditionally enjoyed with toast and butter. Pandan leaves are also known as Screwpine leaves. The flavour is very subtle yet irreplaceable. It has a fragrance of jasmine rice - imagine opening up a new bag of rice. Spread over croissants, waffles, crackers, pancakes, brioche toast. Stuff in fruit tarts, cream puffs, éclairs...and the list goes on. Created by Chef Alex Chen and his daughter, Isabelle, with a family recipe passed down from generation to generation.

Ingredients: fresh pandan leaves, coconut milk, and eggs