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Kokoro Ramen - Vegan Hearty Miso Ramen

$17.99 CAD

Kokoro Ramen - Vegan Hearty Miso Ramen

Ramen should be enjoyed by all. Introducing Kokoro’s vegan miso ramen! Enjoy the harmony of mushroom and vegetables in this delightful broth. A homemade miso tare seasoning boosts the umami flavours. Pure, light and satisfying.
Heating instructions: Open package and put in pot. Cook contents in pot for 10 minutes. Transfer into a bowl.

**Buy and Save promotion is applicable to the quantity in description. Any more quantities of the item will be at regular price.**

Ingredients: Mushroom and Vegetable Broth, Ramen Noodle, Kikurage Mushroom, Bamboo Shoots, Green Onions, Tofu