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Elbo Jamaican Patties - Jerk Chicken

$19.99 CAD

Elbo Jamaican Patties - Jerk Chicken

If you're looking to crank up the heat, Elbo's jerk chicken Jamaican patty is seasoned with subtle spice and studded with fiery scotch bonnets for extra kick. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Notice a dot on your patty? During preparation, the chef uses a vegetable based food colouring to dot the patties and differentiate their flavour. This is safe for consumption.


Cooking instructions: 

place patties evenly apart on a baking sheet.
set oven to 350 degrees
bake patties for 11-15 mins or until golden brown
let them rest for 2-3 mins and enjoy!

Ingredients [Dough]: flour , butter , salt , sugar, Turmeric, yeast.