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Anh and Chi - Me's Chilli Fish Sauce

$17.49 CAD

Mẹ’s Chili Fish Sauce is the quintessential “nước chấm” or Vietnamese dipping sauce that has been perfected for over three decades: balanced with freshness, flavour and love. It is also the “secret” to many of Mẹ’s (Mom) recipes. Amazing with fresh rolls, fried egg rolls, steamed rolls, dumplings, salads, vermicelli bowls, fried rice, stir frys; even as a marinade, seasoning or dipping sauce.

Mẹ’s Chili Fish Sauce is hand-made and bottled in small batches at Anh and Chi in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Water, anchovy, vinegar, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, garlic, chili. May contain shellfish and other allergens. Celiac-friendly. Keep refrigerated