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About Us


Experience life with Legends. 
Delivering the one-of-a kinds, the local must-haves, and the kits and custom products you didn’t know you couldn’t live without. Here at Legends Haul we source food to make memories with, food that leaves lasting impressions, and food that fuels the soul.
Our team endlessly pushes the boundaries and challenges the status quo of traditional big box stores. Every item procured and sold on our website is done with thought, care, and with the mindset of always making better decisions for our local food ecosystem. We are food innovators that are for a better tomorrow. 
Get reinspired, reinvigorated and experience food with Legends Haul. 
Hauling to the Lower Mainland, Sunshine Coast, + beyond.

Our In House Brands

Essentials by Legends
Handcrafted in Vancouver our in-house brand Essentials by Legends is a local line-up of fridge and pantry staples you need and items you didn’t know you needed but can’t live without. 
Bohème Grove
Bohème Grove Sausages: disregards the conventional standards for food. From sunrise to sunset there’s always a place on your plate for flavours from Bohème Grove.
Handcrafted on the beautiful West Coast [by our wholesale division Acecard Food Supply], using only consciously sourced ingredients from suppliers who take care of their animals and the environment. 
The products are free from most: gluten, preservatives, fillers, artificial flavours, antibiotics, and hormones.
The Butcher Shop by Legends
All of the meat that we supply on our website is handcrafted in small batches [by our wholesale division Acecard Food Supply] at our Certified Organic facility in Coquitlam, BC. The roster consists of beef, chicken, lamb, pork, eggs, game, and more. 
Every meat product includes one or more of the following characteristics: certified organic, antibiotic free, hormone free, non GMO, pasture raised, free range, grass fed, and free run.
Hills Legacy Meats
In 2019 Acecard Supply Co. [our wholesale division] acquired a long-time certified organic facility and a leader in ethical meat, Hills Foods. Today Hills has been rebranded to the Acecard Supply Co. retail protein line called Hills Legacy Meats. 
This line still consists [and also includes reworked recipes] of products that are true to the company’s ethos: wholesome ingredients, consciously-sourced meat, and good for you products [Chicken Breakfast we see you] 
Elevate your smoothie game with MOONFRUIT our in-house smoothie blends designed to keep life simple and provide you with the superfoods and antioxidants you need to help you stay wild moon child. 
MOONFRUIT flavours include: High Vibes Smoothie Blend, Cherry Flower Smoothie Blend, The Tropics Smoothie Blend, Keto Kick Smoothie Blend, Super Power Smoothie Blend, and The Glow Blend Smoothie Blend. 
Hotel by Legends
Escape the ordinary with small pleasures. Local, handmade, and curated for your every need. Relax, unwind, and escape with Hotel by Legends. 
Hotel by Legends products include: Hotel by Legends - Brunch Blend Coffee Beans [1lb], Hotel by Legends - Dish Soap, Hotel by Legends - Soap Bar - Olive Oil + Lemon, and Hotel by Legends - Soap Bar - Lavender. 
We started Legends Haul with a vision to make a positive impact on our local food ecosystem. A company that our kids, the next generation– will be proud of. 
We believe in contributing to a world where supporting your local farmer, producer, and restaurant is a way of life. 
Where supporting diversity, equality, and environmental sustainability isn’t something we talk about, but something we do. These principles are ingrained in our culture and the foundation with which we grow our business.

If we can get it locally and in season – we’ll buy that first. If our community needs something we can’t find at home, we’ll look to source from global producers who share our values. We believe that eating plants is good, we should ALL eat more plants. We also believe that if you’re going to eat meat and seafood it should be of the highest quality. It should be from farmers and fishers who take holistic approaches to farming, who live by high values in animal husbandry and at the same time give back to the earth to reduce their carbon footprint. Seafood should always be Ocean Wise and sustainably caught. We also buy from our local waters whenever possible. 
For our producer partners, we look for an ingredient list that is simply good, wholesome food. Ingredients that will fuel our bodies and minds in the best way possible. 
We unite these beliefs to offer not just quality food but food that tastes good. Food that inspires, that makes you feel something. An elevated grocery experience that brings people back to the table where not only can we enjoy a delicious meal together but we can foster important conversations.