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The Good Crisp Company - Sour Cream & Onion Potato Crisps

$5.49 CAD

A storied flavor for the tastebud adventurer. Sour cream & onion has always been for the boundary-pushers, those that aren’t afraid to venture into uncharted territory or establish a new tradition. The Good Crisp COmpany followed in their footsteps, crafting a great tasting recipe free from gluten, msg, artificial flavors or colors.

Recommended use: Replace backseat antics on road trips with the sound of crisp crunching instead.

Contains milk.

Ingredients: Dried potatoes, RSPO sustainable palm oil [Vitamin E], Tapioca starch, Sour cream & onion flavor [Milk solids, Onion powder, Sour cream, Butter, Sugar, Parsley, Salt, Malic acid, Silicon cioxide as an anticaking agent], Onion powder, Salt, Sugar, Citric acid, Yeast extract.