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Pure Earth Superfoods - Sea to Sky Spicy Garlic Kohlrabi

$14.49 CAD

This Is Level-100 for GARLIC LOVERS—Full of UMAMI Crunchy Savoury Goodness! It's so irresistibly PUNGENT—with it super sour and spicy garlic PUNCH—this living breathing ferment is strictly for the heads.

Pure Earth Superfoods start with the best local organic kohlrabi, add lots of garlic, a bit of cayenne pepper, and high quality Himalayan pink salt.

HINT: If you truly love garlic [like we do] you cant go wrong — sprinkle on top of the finest pizza-pie. Try this ferment on everything, from rice-bowls to ramen, soups, salads, sandwiches, even pizza and more.

Ingredients: Organic kohlrabi [Ice Cap Organics], Organic heirloom garlic & cayenne pepper [Roaring Creek], Himalayan pink salt.