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MotherLove Kombucha - Just Ginger [355ml]

$2.99 CAD

Kombucha is an age-old fermented tea that is as unique as the brewer that brews it. At MotherLove their focus is making a drink that’s as good for your inside as it is for our outside world. Each bottle is brewed exclusively with organic teas and herbs to produce a light and refreshing taste. The quality and diversity of bacteria in your gut play a big role in overall health. One of the best ways to make it a happy environment is to eat and drink a variety of fermented foods like kombucha and kefir. This ferment tastes delicious.

Ingredients: filtered water, *black and green tea, *kombucha culture, *cane sugar, *ginger juice
*Organic ingredients

  • Ginger: stokes the digestive fire and increases circulation of the blood