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Essentials by Legends - Dark Roast Coffee Beans [2lb]

$26.54 CAD $29.49 CAD

Essentials By Legends - Dark Roast Coffee Beans [2lb]

Colombian Tejo ['Te.Ho] Coffee. We directly import the coffees that make up our newest dark roast blend blend from our partners at Empressas de Narino, a mill located on the outskirts of Pasto, Narino and the people of Batak in Sumatra's Lintong region.

We wanted to create a dark roast that was heavy bodied, intense in flavour yet has a mild sweetness and caramel like finish. The result is a dark roast coffee with notes of dark chocolate, brown sugar and caramel.

Essentials by Legends products are prepared fresh weekly by a team of professionally trained Chefs. We made a conscious choice to not use preservatives for both our environment and our collective health. Please be aware that these products are meant to be consumed within a few days/weeks of purchasing. We purposefully package in a smaller format to make the use of these products within their 'best before' date range realistic.